About Luke

Currently living in Dallas, Texas; Luke Betchner is a country singer-songwriter and co-host of The Car Guy Show airing on KTXD-TV. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Luke grew up in the motor-sports world and had plans to follow in his Dad's footsteps of becoming a professional race car driver. At age 6, he started training in junior karts which eventually led to experience in sports cars and open wheel Formula Mazdas. Soon after, things changed when Luke picked up a guitar; in a few short years he was playing at local venues and during high school, became the youngest member of a classic rock cover-band by more than 20 years. From first cassettes of Steve Miller and The Outfield, to Alan Jackson and The Eagles, his style takes away something from each of them. “Playing has been electric for me,” says Luke. “Guitar led to mandolin, mandolin led to bouzouki, piano came about somewhere in the midst…I just love jamming on anything I can get my hands on.”  He moved to Dallas in the Spring of 2011 and has been performing throughout Arizona, Texas and Tennessee at venues including The House of Blues, Gilley’s, and The Bluebird Cafe.